Set Up

NorVap® also  offers the ability for distributors to open up their own approved Service Centre in their own country.

This will enable the distributor to offer fast and reliable servicing options to their customers for the NorVap® products they have purchased, but also for other products that the distributor might be supplying.

This is a benefit for both NorVap® as a company and brand, but also for the distributor in question.

To become an approved NorVap® Service Centre, you will require certain equipment and suitable space and staff. Once you have this, a NorVap® representative will need to visit your premises to approve the centre and will audit the premises on a regular basis.

Without this approval, the centre will not be recognised as an Approved Service Centre by NorVap® and using it without approval will invalidate current warranties and guarantees.

To find out more about setting up your own service centre, please contact or for full details and equipment packages/training costs on offer.